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The Old Guitarist - Pablo  Picasso

The Old Guitarist, 1903

Painting Oil on Canvas  
48 x 32 in
48 x 32 in
122 x 81 cm
48 x 32 cm
19 x 13 in

The Old Guitarist is a painting by Pablo Picasso, painted in 1903, just after the suicide death of Picasso's close friend, Casagemas. Picasso's “Blue Period” spanned the years of 1901–1904, and was followed by his “Rose Period”. These periods were both precursors to Cubism, which defined much of Picasso's career.

This work was created in Madrid, and the distorted style (note that the upper torso of the guitarist seems to be reclining, while the bottom half appears to be sitting cross-legged) is reminiscent of the works of El Greco.

An added bit of interest: Viewing this painting in the hospital after the birth of his daughter, Paul McCartney was inspired to write his 2 finger song.

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PROVENANCE: The painting is currently located at the Art Institute of Chicago in the Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection in Chicago


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